Por Señor Phillips



Restaurant Review Project

Español 1B
Presentación Escrita: Un restaurante muy bueno
25 points

Our school is developing a community guide for Spanish speaking
residents. Our class is in charge of writing about restaurants. You
will write a review of your favorite restaurant.

1. Prewrite. (Begin in class on 10/10/18) Think about the
restaurant that you like best or a restaurant that you would like to
see in our community. Detail the good things about the restaurant,
but also include details about the menu, the cost of the items on
the menu, whether the menu is "basic" or "varied", ambience/atmosphere,
service, etc. Write words and expressions associated with each of
the following categories as they relate to the restaurant you are

a) Descripción general
b) Platos principales
c) Otras comidas y bebidas
d) Postres
e) Servicio

2. Draft (5 pts. – 1pt per category).
(Due no later than 10/16/18)

Write your review of the restaurant using the
information that you provided above.
Try to include information that might
persuade others to try the restaurant.

4. Final draft (15 pts.)
(Due no later than 10/19/18)
Write a final draft of your review.
Design the layout and include visuals
to make it interesting.