Por Señor Phillips



Extra Credit for 3rd Quarter

Due NO LATER than Friday March 15, 2018


*** Remember—to receive FULL credit for each assignment, all questions must be answered. Be thorough in your responses. Include ALL details necessary to completely and accurately answer each question. Include MORE details if you feel it will help your answers. Also, remember you can receive a MAXIMUM OF 3% RAISE OF GRADE. You can, however, include an “extra” assignment or 2 to provide you with “extra” assurance that you will receive the full 3% raise of grade. ***

Your responses MUST be HAND WRITTEN!! I will NOT accept any "cut and paste" type of responses.

Describe the symbolism in the murals "La Gran Tenochtitlán", El Mundo Azteca, Las Conquistas 1-3, painted by Diego Rivera. What are the meanings of each mural? Why do you think he painted them? Write at least a ONE PAGE paper giving full details to answer the above questions.

Who were / are the "Zapatistas"? . Write a ONE PAGE paper detailing who they are, where they are located, and what is their cause.

How did Point Piños on the Monterey Peninsula get its name? What is the importance of the Point Piños lighthouse and what is its "claim to fame" as far as lighthouses go?
How did the cities of Monterey and Carmel get their names? Write a 1/2 page paper on the details of who, what, when, why, and how these cities got their names.