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What and how do I study for the Final Exam???
Spanish 1A
General details--every vocabulary word is "fair game" for the Final Exam. This exam is a "comprehensive" exam, meaning the exam will cover EVERYTHING from day 1 to the year end.

Specific details:

For Chapter "Para Empezar" Textbook pages 1-23

All vocabulary words EXCEPT page 9--no "body parts" will be included in the exam
Greetings/Goodbye's--page 2 and 4
Tú vs. Usted--page 5
Numbers 1-20 ONLY--do NOT include numbers over 20--page 7
Tutorial on above for Quiz #1

Telling Time--page 8
Masculine vs. feminine--page 11 ** Tutorial here **
Alphabet--page 12
Dates (days of week, months of year)--page 14
Seasons--page 18

For Chapter 1A Textbook pages 24-53

Verb Chart--(not really in book, click here for tutorial on verb conjugations, etc)
All vocabulary--page 52
Infinitives--page 36
Negatives--page 42
Expressing agreement or disagreement--page 44

For Chapter 1B Textbook pages 54-83

All vocabulary--page 82
Gustar--** Tutorial here **
Adjectives and agreement--page 64
Articles--page 70
Word Order--page 72
Verb SER--(not really in chapter, refer to tutorial here)

For Chapter 2A--pages 84-115

All vocabulary--page 114
Ordinal numbers (1st, 2nd, 3rd)--page 86
Subject pronouns--page 98 ** Tutorial here **
Endings of -AR verbs--page 100 ** Tutorial here **

For Chapter 2B--pages 117-145

All vocabulary--page 144
Preposition vocabulary--page 119
Verb ESTAR--page 128 both uses and conjugations

Plurals of articles--page 132

For Chapter 3A--pages 147-175

All vocabulary--page 174
Present tense of -ER and -IR verbs page 160
Gustar and similar verbs page 164

For Chapter 3B--pages 177-205

All vocabulary--page 204
Plurals of adjectives page 190
Verb "ser" page 192

For Chapter 4A--pages 207-237

All vocabulary--page 236
Verb "ir" page 218
"Question" words page 224

For Chapter 4B--pages 239-267

All vocabulary--page 266
Simple future (ir + a + infinitive) page 252
Stem change verb jugar (ue) page 256

Fondo Cultural

Read each Fondol Cultural in each chapter

Spanish 1B
General details--every vocabulary word is "fair game" for the Final Exam. This exam is a "comprehensive" exam, meaning the exam will cover EVERYTHING from day 1 up to this point.

Specific details:

For Chapter "Para Empezar"--pages 3-29

Review of Spanish 1A (see above)

For Chapter 5A--pages 31-61 or pages 221-245

All vocabulary page 60
Verb TENER--page 42 (stem change verb, and "-go" verb)
Possessive Adjectives--page 48
Diminutives--page 52
Quinceañera--page 55

For Chapter 5B--page 63-91 or pages 247-269

All vocabulary page 90
Verb VENIR--page 76 (stem change verb, and "-go" verb)
Indirect Objects (mentioned in chapter but not explained...see tutorial here for instruction on indirect objects)
Verbs SER vs ESTAR--page 78 and tutorial here


For Chapter 6A--page 93-123

All vocabulary--page 122
Colors--page 95
Comparisons--page 106
Superlatives--page 110
Verbs PODER and DORMIR--page 112 (stem change verbs)

For Chapter 6B--page 125-153

All vocabulary--page 152
"Chores" vocabulary--page 127
Affirmative "tú" commands--page 138
Present Progressive tense--page 142

For Chapter 7A--page 155-183 or pages 320-343

All vocabulary--page 182 or page 342
Stem Change verbs page 168 or page 330
Demonstrative Adjectives (this, that, these, those) page 172 or page 332

For Chapter 7B--page 185-215 or pages 345-371

All vocabulary--page 214 or page 370
Preterit(e) [past tense] of -AR verbs page 196 or page 354
Verbs ending in -CAR, -GAR, -ZAR in preterit(e) past tense page 198 or page 356
Direct Object pronouns page 202 or page 360

For Chapter 8A--page 217-247 or pages 373-397

All vocabulary--page 246 or page 396
Preterit(e) [past tense] of -ER/-IR verbs page 230 or page 383
Preterit(e) [past tense[ of verbs "ir" and "ser" page 232 or page 385

For Chapter 8B--page 249-279 or pages 399-423

All vocabulary--page 278 or page 423
Present tense of verb "decir" page 262 or page 408
Preterit(e) [past tense] of verbs "hacer" and "dar" page 266 or page 412

For Chapter 9A

Acabar + de + infinitive page 294 or page 434

For Chapter 9B

Saber vs Conocer page 324 or page 460

Fondo Cultural

Read each Fondo Cultural in each chapter