What days would I be volunteering?

You will be volunteering on Sunday mornings. Occasionally there is an opportunity to volunteer on Saturday night in the kitchen. If you are interested in volunteering in the kitchen, please talk to Rick Richards or Chef Al Siekert.

What about holidays? Do you serve then? Which holidays?

Traditionally we serve on Christmas, Thanksgiving, 4th of July and Easter. Occasionally there are exceptions. If you have questions about a specific holiday, please ask Chef Al Siekert or Rick Richards. Rick can be reached by phone at (831) 224 -7894

What time does the volunteering begin?

We ask volunteers to arrive at Window on the Bay (located across from McDonald's on Del Monte Blvd, in Monterey) on Sunday morning at 7:30AM.

What time does the volunteering end?

The Sunday brunch-style breakfast generally lasts until approximately 9:30 AM.

Do you serve Sunday breakfast when it rains or as windy or cold?

Al & Friends serves rain or shine. Yes, we also serve when it's windy and cold. There's nothing better than a hot meal on those days.

What will I be doing when I volunteer?

There are several ways to volunteer for Al & Friends. At the Sunday brunch-style breakfast we need servers, greeters, and cleanup crew. Sometimes these positions are filled, in which case we will place you where needed. On some Saturday nights there will be an opportunity to work in the kitchen alongside of Al. This volunteer position usually entails chopping vegetables and prepping for tomorrow's brunch-style breakfast. This volunteer spot is a late one as it usually starts after 9:00 PM and might go until Midnight or later.

Is there heavy lifting involved?

There is very little heavy lifting involved. The serving tables that are transferred from the truck to the serving area are the heaviest items. They are manageable. If you have a condition that prevents you from lifting, there is always another volunteer that can take that spot.

What if I can't come on a specific Sunday, who do I call or text?

If for some reason you cannot volunteer on a specific Sunday, please text Rick Richards at (831) 224-7894.

What should I wear?

Please wear warm clothes as it is often cool at the beach in the morning. Layers work best as it sometimes warms up.

Will I have to cook?

You will not be required to cook. Chef Al and a couple of seasoned volunteers do most of the cooking.

Do I need to bring gloves and a mask?

If you have gloves and a mask, please bring them. If you forget, we generally have some on hand for our volunteers. We do provide disposable gloves for the handling and serving of food. Health and safety always come first with Al & Friends.