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Frequently Asked Questions
Do you grade on points?

No, I grade with different categories, weighted differently, so the grade is based on "percent", not "points". The categories and weights are:

Tests - 40%
Quiz - 20%
Classwork - 20%
Homework/presentations - 20%

So, if you previously had a category weighted average for TEST score of 98.3%, and then you scored a 96.4% on the next test, your grade will go down a bit.
I have a "Yes" for a score in the comments section on Schoology...what does that mean?

A "Yes" means that you have credit for turning in an assignment, but it has not been given a "value". Usually this happens for Extra Credit for the Quarter, where if I were to give you 3% raise of grade when you turn in the Extra Credit, say weeks before the quarter ends, since your grade is "percent" based and not "points" based, by the end of the quarter, the intended 3% raise of grade may be slightly less, so I give the 3% raise of grade at the very end...the word "Yes" in the gradebook is simply to remind me to raise your grade at the end of the quarter.
I didn't do well on a test/quiz...can I retake it?

Yes, but there will be a need for you to meet with me 2 times. The first time, we review what went wrong on the test/quiz, and give you a study plan. Then, we meet a 2nd time, I will give you a couple of similar questions to see if you are ready for the retake. If you are ready, you can retake the test/quiz at that time. If it appears that you are still not ready, then we will give you more practice questions and more time to study. Sometimes the quiz will be the exact same, and other times it will be slightly different...it depends on the topic we are studying.