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HOLA! Many parents ask how they can help their student succeed in a foreign language. Many parents think back on their own language learning experience only to "cringe" and hope history will not repeat itself. According to the great author, Gabriel García Márquez, history WILL repeat itself, so hopefully it will repeat a "good" history (at least in terms of language learning).

That said, what can a parent do to help their child succeed? The most helpful technique is to show the student a "consistant" and "constant" approach to studying vocabulary and grammar. After interviewing my students over the past 24 years of teaching, I have found that (no surprise) students who "regularly" study (10-20 minutes per day / several days per week) do FAR better on tests and quizzes than students who study "out of necessity" (right before a scheduled test or quiz). Also, those who "regularly" study find that what they've learned is stored in "long-term" memory as opposed to "short-term" memory for those who study out of "necessity".

This course comes packed with multiple learning styles and strategies. Students can acquire the information from the textbook using auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learning modalities.

There are several websites that can help a child's learning process. Interactive websites are yet another way to capture a child's interest in learning new material. Please refer to the "Study Aids" menu for more information.

WORKSHEETS are available on the monthly calendar, as well as on Schoology for download for students who would like to get ahead, or for students who were absent. Otherwise, worksheets will be handed out in class.